Half a tire

I like lowered cars. I love to see cars lowered below manufactures specifications, and well below the legal limits of local law enforcement. I work hard to modify the suspension of my car to give it the right “look” throwing all caution to the wind and ignoring obvious safety aspects. Metal grinding against pavement is a common sound in my car and my driveway shows it. The profile of my car reveals only half a tire, it makes me melt. Potholes and railroad tracks, I know the location of every one within a 30 mile radius of home. It's not an easy commute. To the rest of the world my car and its modifications are insignificant; I am just another brick in the wall, another vehicle stuck in L.A. traffic, but to me, its heaven. I am floating on a cloud 2 inches off the ground and I look good.

Thanks to Nobu Katzura for the photo.