Papas Sin Sal, AKA The 30 day wonder

Spanish slang for a person with no personality - simple - boring, bland individual. Literal meaning is "potatoes without salt."

This car was found in a garage in Inglewood Ca. still since 1979. Rats ate the interior, the flat head 6 was junk. the wiring was bad, the tires rotten, glass missing, steering was worn and it didn't stop.
And Santa Maria was 45 days away, YES I want to drive this car to that show.
( it should be named "the 45 day wonder" but my club members christened it "the 30 day wonder", go figure)
With my sanity, money and free time tossed aside I went to work. With help from my neighbor Larry, and my car club members, Panel Beaters baby! I made it to the show.
A lot more has been done since I got it running, but for now the Earl Scheib paint and tired chrome stays as I drive and enjoy my Papas Sin Sal.

Cut, Hammer, Weld, DRIVE! P.B.'s on the road