Summer Sadness

The end of a Lowrider,
This 1965 Impala named Summer Maddness, belonged to my older brother. He sold it many years ago and it went to Japan. It had not been seen in decades then all of a sudden these pictures pop up on a Japanese FB member's page. There is much speculation, but the story is not clear as to why and how the car ended up like this.
There is rumor that is will be saved, but looking at the pictures it is safe to say the Mario Gomez - Walt Pray paint job is lost.


WOW, I have not posted anything in long time, sorry.

Been very busy working on other peoples cars, here is an example.

1952 Chevy, New crate motor, install Vintage Air AC system, Paint firewall and inner fenders, re-wire entire car, instal new gauges, repaint dash, instal tilt steering column.
I am told the car originally came from the San Diego area.

 This 1966 Ford belongs to a good friend Brian Lauzon.
The motor was junk so we decided to swap in a New GM 350 and auto transmission.
Plans for the future include Power steering, AC and a few other tricks to make it a more comfortable daily driver.

 Been trying to get some work done on my own projects, but paying customers come first.