That baby blue 54

Its been a long time since my last post, a vacation, getting sick and trying to build another car can do that. To bring this to life again I'll share a great picture of my old 54 Chevy, The Chubby Chebby. Photo by my very good friend Coby Gewertz of Church magazine. Legg Lake, Ca. show a few years back. An old Lowrider from ELA, I got the car from a co-worker. It had all the extras, visor, door guards and spot lights. It was all removed and sold. I got 1/3 of my original purchase price back selling all the accessories at the Long Beach swap meet. I meet the best bunch of car guys driving this car and was invited to join their club, Panel Beaters, So. Cal. A lot of miles and a lot of fun on the 235-three speed, it had road rash and was getting tired. The car is in pieces now and waits a rebuild. I am collecting parts, replacing the front fenders with a pair of NOS units. And I will trade the 6 cylinder and stick shift in favor for a V8 and auto trans.  It will be a better driver then before, but with the same mild custom flavor.
Heck, it might even be painted the same color! HA!

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