Classics Legends in the park, Locos United.

Classic Legends Lowrider & Kustom show, Japan.

On Saturday March 7th the day before the big show we were treated to an outdoor show sponsored by Classic Legends association and Old Memories CC Japan. Together they presented the Locos United show in the Aichi Tokoname Rinku bay area.

please check out,            http://classiclegends.jp/locosunited        for more information.

Situated along the shoreline of the Nagoya bay, it was a perfect location for an outdoor show. Music, BBQ, Hot soup, ( it was a little cold ) and great tacos!

And there were some cool cars too!

This first picture is Mr. Howard Gribble.
I had an opportunity to talk to Howard in Nagoya. He is such a great man and a wealth of knowledge. A car enthuisest and photographer, his collection of lowrider photography spans more then 5 decades and he often shares them with us. Thank you for your time and for attending the show.

Happy Hoppy


  1. Damn, they get down in Japan... makes sense, example... Nobus old tin. ;)

  2. The panel beaters on those vehicles look amazingly good and professionally done well. Those vehicles remind me of the ones that I've seen at a car show. Which happened just last week and it was a good experience to have taken my son there.