R&B, 70’s primarily. A tempo that makes my head feel lose and disconnected from my shoulders. My foot taps and I have to stop and listen. Marvin, Earth Wind and Fire, T.O.P. The Isley brothers, and Teena.  Anything by Teena Marie and this 5 foot 9, tattooed, self proclaimed car guy melts. Her music combined with that voice takes me to a place where for 4 minutes there are no politics, no bills, no traffic just sweet emotion.  When she sings I love you, She is singing to me.  I am the one that broke her heart, its me she is looking for and I am the one she will wait for forever. Her soulful voice enters a section of me I can’t control and touches the memory of a young boy and his first crush, a blank canvas, impressionable and innocent, perfect and new, her voice was the paint and her music the brush that left a permanent mark.