My hammer.

I own a lot of tools. I have wrenches and screwdrivers, pliers and measuring tape. Some tools are multi purpose and others are a one trick pony.  I have tools to cut metal and tools to weld metal together. I can take things apart and put them back together. I have too many tools and not enough; collecting tools is an addiction and a necessity.  In my collection I have a favorite tool, my hammer. It’s not new and although I have rarely used it, it is quite worn. It’s not my only hammer; on the contrary I own many. I have hammers for driving nails into wood, roofing hammers, auto body hammers, small hammers and big hammers. But my favorite hammer is a mason’s hammer, and I don’t do masonry, but my Father did. Made for chipping brick, its heavy in the hand and the wood handle is split. In my father’s service for years, it now hangs idle on the wall in my garage and it shows its age. Inanimate and inspirational this hammer reminds me that hard work is always rewarding and that the scars we have only prove that we have lived.  

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